Advanced Technologies

GEO600 is the think tank for advanced detector technologies

GEO600 Diary

Building and operating a gravitational-wave detector

GEO Collaboration

The GEO Collaboration comprises 16 European research institutions.

For the public

Directions and visits to GEO600

The gravitational-wave detector GEO600 is situated 20 kilometers south of Hannover close to Sarstedt near the village Ruthe.

Movies about GEO600 and gravitational waves

Enjoy films about the first detection of gravitational waves, GEO600, aerial views of the detector, and many more.


A brighter future for gravitational-wave astronomy

March 17, 2021

Future gravitational-wave detectors on Earth will use laser light with even higher power than in current instruments. Researchers from the ...

GEO600 reaches 6 dB of squeezing

January 27, 2021

Gravitational waves cause tiny length changes in the kilometer-size detectors of the international network (GEO600, KAGRA, LIGO, Virgo). The ...

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