News about GEO600 and gravitational waves

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Because of the corona pandemic and the related infection control measures for GEO600 employees and visitors to the site, there will be no Open Day at GEO600 this summer. The event might take place in fall 2021. Guided tours for visitor groups are not offered until further notice. more

based on an INFN/Nikhef press release more

First robust detection of these rare events more

Hannover research team develops most powerful laser system yet for gravitational-wave detectors more

German-British instrument mitigates quantum noise effects better than any gravitational-wave detector before more

The state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia has unanimously pledged its support for the groundbreaking international science project Einstein Telescope (ET). more

New LIGO/Virgo catalog contains 50 gravitational-wave signals, several from unusual sources more

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