News about GEO600 and gravitational waves

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The Einstein Telescope Scientific Collaboration has been established

Important step in European cooperation on the way to the Einstein Telescope more

GEO600 and KAGRA observe together

Results from joint Japanese-German gravitational-wave observing run more

Open Day at GEO600 on 2 July 2022

See the gravitational-wave detector near Sarstedt between 11:00 and 15:00 more

Gravitational wave scientists set their sights on dark matter

Incredibly sensitive instruments used in landmark discoveries could help solve one of the biggest remaining mysteries in the Universe more

LIGO, Virgo, and KAGRA raise their signal score to 90

Gravitational-wave catalog update lists 35 new signals more

No Open Day at GEO600 in the summer of 2021

Because of the corona pandemic and the related infection control measures for GEO600 employees and visitors to the site, there will be no Open Day at GEO600 this summer. The event might take place in fall 2021. Guided tours for visitor groups are not offered until further notice. more

Einstein Telescope approved for ESFRI Roadmap 2021

based on an INFN/Nikhef press release more

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