Movies about GEO600 and gravitational waves

Movies about GEO600 and gravitational waves

Enjoy films about the first detection of gravitational waves, GEO600, aerial views of the detector, and many more.

GW150914 – First direct detection of gravitational waves

The hunters

The detection of gravitational waves

GEO600 Interviews

Aus den Laboren: Geo 600 | #hdp21

Interview (in German) with a GEO600 scientist for the “Highlights der Physik 2021”

What is GEO600?


GEO600 Technologies for Advanced LIGO

Detecting gravitational waves

GEO600 Site Movies

GEO600 from above (clip 1)

GEO600 from above (clip 2)

GEO600 from above (clip 3)

GEO600 from above (clip 4)

GEO600 from above (clip 5)

GEO600 from above (clip 6)

DFG Science TV

Erschüttern Einsteins Gravitationswellen das Universum? more



The LISA Movie

LISA Pathfinder

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