One year of squeezing

Histrogram of the amount of squeezing in GEO600. Most of the time, the squeezing lowered the noise by 1.5 to more than 2.5 dB.

The GEO team now has demonstrated that squeezing is a technique that can be permanently used. Over a period of almost one year, squeezing was applied for 90% of the science time, and a total of 205 days!

The average squeezing level achieved during this time was 2.0 dB (Grote, H. et al. in PRL, 2013). We will continue to explore and improve squeezing at GEO in the future.

H. Grote, K. Danzmann, K. L. Dooley, R. Schnabel, J. Slutsky, and H. Vahlbruch
First Long-Term Application of Squeezed States of Light in a Gravitational-Wave Observatory
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 181101 (2013)
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