Breaking the ground for gravitational waves

GEO600 Groundbreaking Party

August 1995

It's still quiet here.

September 4th, 1995

It's time to work! Karsten Danzmann breaks the ground.

The excavator will do the rest…
The people at the party.
Cheers! (From left to right: Benno Willke, Harald Lück, Matthias Schrempel)

November 17, 1995

Central house, looking north. Notice the separate foundations for the pumps (far right corner) and the tank cluster (middle).
Central house, looking east north east. Delicious appletrees to the right!
The "shaker".
The trench for the beam tube. The panels are rammed with the jig seen in the foreground. The soil will be removed after reinforcement beams are welded across the top.
The eastern end house.
View from the eastern end house along the trench.
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