December 2021

GEO600 helps searching for Dark Matter

The technology behind one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the century – the detection of gravitational waves – is now being used in the search for elusive dark matter. In a study published today in Nature, a team led by scientists from Cardiff University’s Gravity Exploration Institute used data from the German-UK GEO600 gravitational-wave detector near Hannover, Germany, to search for a new kind of dark matter for the very first time. Though no direct detection has been made, this unique search is the first step in establishing a novel search method. The non-detection allowed the researchers to rule out some theories about dark matter and helps to improve future searches for this invisible constituent of our Universe.

Gravitational wave scientists set their sights on dark matter
Incredibly sensitive instruments used in landmark discoveries could help solve one of the biggest remaining mysteries in the Universe more
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