1997 – Vacuum tubes and the cleanroom

Spring 1997: Progress Report

February 18
The welding of the second tube has commenced! The first 15 m have been completed.

Much work has been done within the last weeks to make the central house ready for occupation. The shielding of the tank section by means of plastic sheets has been completed. Next the cleanroom concept will be put into action.

April 23
The welding of the second tube continues to make good progress. 360 m have been completed. The second tube may be finished by June '97.

May 15
490 m of the second tube have been completed.

May 29
The final tube segment has been welded. The second tube is now complete!

The cleanroom facilities for the central station are installed. Preliminary measurements show good performance. Better than class 1000 is reached with one person working in the centre area.

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