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Dr. Benjamin Knispel
Press Officer AEI Hannover
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How to get to GEO600?

Directions to GEO600

The gravitational-wave detector GEO600 is situated between Hannover and Hildesheim, 20 km south of Hannover near the village of Ruthe.

Attention! Leine and Innerste flooding

Please note that because of the rivers Leine and Innerste are in flood, streets around GEO600 have been closed for traffic. As of 27th of July GEO600 can only be reached via the K514 from Schliekum. All other roads leading to GEO600 have been temporarily closed down, please follow the locally signposted detours. The continuations of the Wenderter Straße from Sarstedt train station to Schliekum cannot be used by pedestrian and byciclists. Further information is available on the homepage of the city of Sarstedt.

Visiting GEO600

Please note that the detector site can only be visited after previous date arrangementss. If you would like to get a tour of the GEO600 facilities, please contact Benjamin Knispel to coordinate the details of your visit.

Directions from Hannover

Take the road B6 (Messeschnellweg) to the South and turn right at the sign Sarstedt/Heisede. Turn right to Heisede, then left at the sign Schulenburg/Ruthe. After entering Ruthe turn right. After crossing the Leine river, turn right at the EXPO sign (resp. at the white sign "Universität Hannover/Versuchsgelände", resp. at the green sign Schäferberg). Drive along the tree nursery to the gate at its end.

GEO600 detector site from the air

GEO600 from the air

Camera orbits site at high altitude, wide shot
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